Why am I here?

Most of our students come here because they have realized that their sexual behavior is out of control and are looking for tools to help them escape that trap. We believe that the answer is found in Jesus Christ. So we have a bible based, Christ centered program for walking away from sexual addiction. If you are bound up in sexual addiction, then you have come to the right place for help.

Am I a sexual addict? How can I know?

Some of the experiences of sexual addicts are:

  • the impossibility to stop their sexually immoral acts despite the fact that they may verge on illegality;
  • abandoning many of their social, academic, family or work responsibilities by putting sex first in their life;
  • experiencing irritability, anxiety or anger if they are unable to engage in a sexual activity.
  • and the inability to experience pleasure without increasing the intensity, frequency, risk or variety of their sexual behaviors.

Note: Sexual addiction is manifested in different ways for both men and women.

What will I find in this space?

This program provides an online 60-day counseling course to help you. You will find a strong emphasis on Christ and teachings from the scriptures. The fact that the course is online provides confidentiality, flexibility of your time, and wider coverage of those areas where there aren’t counselors who you can identify with, or who are trained in the subject.

How does it work?

Each lesson presents a principle to implement, biblical teaching, with spaces for meditation, writing about your feelings, learning by forming answers to important questions and real conversation with your mentor. Completing the 60 lessons equips you comprehensively with all the tools you need to slough off sexual addiction. At the end of this page you will find an example of a lesson. If you like, you may review it. This program also allows you to save all conversations you have with your mentor so that you can reread them anytime.

How much is it?

It is $25.00. For this investment you receive not just the course, but also personal attention from a mentor and additional resources which are not available in other free spaces of LEC. (Libres en Cristo – which Spanish for Free in Christ)

What is expected from you as user?

If you’d like to know what your responsibilities are after signing up, you can find them in our menu on this page, under POLICIES. Mostly we expect you to do one lesson per day, completing the 60 lessons before the 90 day period ends. 90 days, means that you have 30 extra days to take care of any unforeseen complications.